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What do you want from your insurance policy? Your company? Your agent?
Do you want the cheapest price? Best claim service? Best policy service?

My name is Chris Kane, I have been an insurance agent for over 10 years.
I represent multiple lines of personal and commercial insurance. The policies
I represent are competitively priced, but my biggest plus is service.

Have you ever been switched to more then two customer service representatives
when you have called about your policy? How about leaving a message and
never getting a return call?

I answer my phone, if I'm not on the other line, and will answer your questions.
My support staff, Whitney, is a licensed agent and he can answer most of your
insurance questions also. If we need to call you back, we will call return your call
the same day, unless we have told you otherwise.

Do you need a quote, want to know what a policy could do for you, how about
an explanation of confusing coverage's?

I try to take the time to explain the coverage and to give you some options when
you want a quote. I want you to keep me as your agent for life, so I do all I can
to help you make good insurance decisions. The decisions are yours, I just try to
show you some options.

Give me a call or email me, I think you will find I am very easy to get along with.